Forgotten Roadz - The Chance

Forgotten Roadz began over 25 years ago, with friends traveling down the same musical highway. A melodic adventure that has come full circle with the rediscovery of roads once forgotten.

Pete Denzel and Ron Reukauf continue their long musical journey, writing, recording, producing & touring. They've traveled from east coast to west coast and almost everywhere in between. Working in many projects together, with countless artists along the way, these two have taken their writing and recording to a whole new level.

The latest - Everything In Between Series is a 4 volume collection featuring some of their best work together. With many special guests, featuring some of the most talented musicians anywhere.

It's been a wild ride so far with thousands of live performances, television & radio appearances, motion picture placements and countless hours in the studio.

With the June 2020 release of Everything In Between Volume I - they're already back in the studio developing Volume II and working hard to share their music with the world.

They have more stories to tell and so much more to say.